Stake Casino: the best gambling for cryptocurrencies

Stake casino review

Against the backdrop of increasing regulatory scrutiny of online payments, more and more people today are using cryptocurrencies for transfers. Blockchain technology allows transactions to remain anonymous, which is exactly what online gambling enthusiasts from around the world need.

One of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency gambling sites is Stake Casino, a detailed review of which you can read in the continuation of the article.

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Cat Casino: slots, bonuses, tournaments

Cat casino can be attributed to the new virtual gaming institutions because it operates only 1 year. However, despite the short period of its operation and due to an actively conducted advertising campaign, the casino has already attracted many players from the CIS countries and Europe.

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Fairspin casino: games, bonuses, tournaments

Fairspin casino

Fairspin is a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency online casinos. It was Fairspin who first applied blockchain technology to online gambling. What opportunities does the player get? He can now control every bet and check every win, loss and any financial transaction at any time. The chronology of the game is recorded in the blockchain. The article continues with a full cryptocurrency casino Fairspin.

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Review of the new Instantpay casino

Instantpay casino

Instantpay casino opened in 2020. The development was done by the same team that in 2018 launched one of the most reliable casinos on Runet – Fastpay. Therefore, Instantpay customers can be sure that the casino will not use cheap tricks to retain players: deliberately delay payments, check documents for a long time and cancel payments, allegedly due to problems with the payment system.

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